Typos And Incorrect Details on Your Night Sky

It happens, everyone makes typos sometimes or enters the incorrect details on their print.

Don't worry, all is not lost.

If you have only placed your order recently then you have 24 hours after ordering to make the correction you need if you ordered using standard or free shipping. For express orders you only have 4 hours.

To do this you can go to your confirmation email, and click on the EDIT link, which will take you right to the edit page of your star map. 

If the allotted time has elapsed or you are unable to make the edit you need, your order will have been submitted and it is too late to make any changes. There may be a small chance the we can pull the order and make the edit for you if there's still time but this is rare. You will need to email us at help@thenightsky.com with your order number and instructions on what you need to change, and we will do our best to accommodate you if there's still time. If it's already too late we can offer a discount code for a re order at a reduced price.

If the title exceeds 200 characters and you want to enter a larger title we will be happy to edit it for you and send you a preview if you request that. But you must hold the order with the hold option in your order confirmation email, and email us immediately after you have placed your order with your order number at help@thenightsky.com with EDIT in the title of your email.

Hope this helps!