How to Hang Your Star Map Prints

Hanging your star map prints adds a personalized element to decor & a way to make a space your own. Discover tips & inspiration to do just that with The Night Sky.

Gazing up at the vast night sky, we've all felt a profound connection to the cosmos, perhaps even wondering about our place amidst the stars. Star map prints capture these celestial moments, freezing them in time and bringing a piece of the universe right into our homes and living spaces. 

night sky star map print leaning against wall on desk

Whether it's the sky on the night you said “I do,” the alignment of stars when your child was born, or simply a memorable moment that means a lot to you, each star map print is deeply personal. Choosing your star map special moment can come easy, but when it comes to hanging pictures on the wall, you might be drawing up blanks.

What is the best way to hang prints? How high do you hang a picture? What height should pictures be hung? Below, we offer up all the wall photo decoration ideas and tips you need to display your hanging star map pictures and prints in the best ways possible.

Flattening Your Star Map Print

Before we dive into how to hang your star map prints, let’s first take a look at the first and most important thing you do when your print is delivered, flattening it out. Here's how:

Step 1: Find a clean and dry space in your home. Wearing cotton gloves, lay the map flat. Keep the curling side facedown (the back of the print) and cover with the smoothed-out-tissue that your print came in. 

Step 2: Weigh down the map to flatten it completely. Books are a good choice to distribute weight evenly. Get as many as you can to cover the print and remember to make sure the objects are clean before you place them on your print. 

Step 3: Leave the weights in place for 24 hours to correct the curling.. Keep your post in a safe spot as you flatten it. 

Step 4: Remove the weights and check yo map has flattened fully. Your Night Sky should now be ready to frame!

What Height Should I Hang My Print?

Now we have the first steps down, hanging your canvas prints, foil prints, glow in the dark prints or hanging pictures generally can be tough, especially for those without a good eye. Thankfully, there are many tools that can help us as we decorate our interior surroundings according to our own personal preferences. For example, levels can ensure a straight line and measuring tape can help you figure out where to hang each piece of art or decor.

So, what height is best for hanging prints on the wall? Well, on average, about 57 inches from the ground is eye level. This means the middle of the frame should rest at this height, especially if it’s an area that is commonly walked past.

For bigger prints or longer pictures, like our portrait styles, you can raise this height a bit to around 60 inches so that the bottom of the frame isn’t sitting too low.

What is the Best Distance Between Pictures on a Wall?

3 star map prints hanging side by side

This may depend on your personal style and preferences. Personalized wall hanging, such as gallery walls, often don’t have many rules. Yet, for gallery walls or a “salon wall,” about 2 to 6 inches between photos tends to look the best. 

At the same time, this further depends on whether you have a frame, the size of your individual frame, the piece of art itself, or whether it is a mounted or hanging canvas picture.

How Far From the Furniture Do I Hang My Print?

star map print hanging above bed

If you want to hang your canvas or print on the wall but furniture is below the spot, a good rule of thumb is to place it about 8 to 10 inches above the furniture. This means it’s low enough to enjoy while sitting but also won’t be unnecessarily in the way or awkwardly high. 

And again, grab that levelling tool to even out the hanging spot; ensuring your hanging pictures level is crucial to achieving a professional and polished look in any room.

The key here is also to ensure the prints or pictures are centered over the furniture for a flawless, symmetrical and eye-catching look.

Print Placement & Styling Inspiration 

Selecting the right spot for your print can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. The location and style in which you display your artwork or star map print play a pivotal role in capturing attention and evoking emotions. 

Whether you're leaning towards a minimalist approach, thinking of pairing your print with other artwork for a gallery wall, or seeking to make it the centerpiece of a room, the possibilities are endless. Below, we offer up a ton of ideas, from canvas wall hanging, mounting glow in the dark prints and foil prints to framed wall hangings and more. So, let’s dive into all the hanging picture tips and inspiration you need…

Hanging Single Prints

Hanging single prints can make a statement in the center of any bare wall, on a mantle or even in a hallway. Alternatively, we think they make great additions to any bedroom, such as on top of a dresser or even the bed.

When placing a single print on top of a dresser, you also don’t necessarily need to hang it. Leaning it against the wall makes for a low-key and cozy vibe, if that’s your style.

woman hanging star map print on wall

Hanging 2 or More Pictures Side by Side

For one wall, hanging prints side by side can create a cohesive appearance. Just make sure they are consistent in spacing and height. With careful planning and attention to detail, a side-by-side arrangement can make a powerful visual statement.

two star map prints side by side

Gallery Wall Ideas for Living Room

One of the most popular ideas for a photo wall includes a timeless gallery wall. A gallery wall can breathe life into your living room, turning an ordinary space into a curated exhibition of your favorite memories, artworks, and keepsakes. Start with a focal point, perhaps a large portrait, a cherished family photograph or a print from The Night Sky, and build outwards using varying frame sizes and shapes. 

gallery wall ideas for living room office

Play with color by combining monochromes, vibrant pieces, or a unified color theme. Remember, the gallery wall should reflect your personality and tell your unique story, so let creativity reign as you design your perfect living room showcase.

Photo Wall Ideas for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary of personal memories, dreams, and reflections, making it an ideal space for a photo wall (and classic star map print!) that resonates with intimacy and warmth. 

photo wall idea for bedroom with star map

Consider aligning photos in a grid or freeform pattern above your bed. Perhaps take it a step further and embrace a dreamy vibe with fairy lights draped among monochrome or sepia-toned images. If minimalism is more your style, opt for a single line of photos or prints strung across a bare wall. 

Gallery Wall Ideas for Behind Couch

The space behind the couch provides a vast canvas to showcase your artistic flair and instantly elevate the room's ambiance. When designing a gallery wall for this prime location, think about scale and proportion; larger artworks or frames can anchor the space, while smaller pieces can add intricacy and balance. 

Hallway Gallery Wall Ideas

Hallways, often overlooked, offer a unique opportunity to infuse personality, moments, and artistry into transitional spaces. A gallery wall here can transform a mere passageway into a visual journey. Opt for a linear arrangement to enhance the hallway's length, guiding the viewer's eye from one end to the other. At the same time, a single framed print can anchor the space, drawing visitors' attention as soon as they enter your home. 

Themes also work exceptionally well in such settings; consider a chronological display of family photos, travel memories, or star maps that evolve with each step taken.

woman hanging star map print in hallway

Hanging Pictures Going Up Stairs

Hanging pictures along a staircase creates a dynamic visual ascent that complements the home's architecture. When displaying artwork or prints in this rising space, it's vital to maintain a consistent diagonal line that mirrors the staircase's angle. 

gallery wall idea on stair case with star map

One approach is to hang each frame so that its center aligns with the stair's tread or rise, ensuring a fluid progression. Mix frame sizes and shapes, but keep the spacing consistent for visual coherence. 

Lastly, many homeowners and renters alike opt for hanging pictures without nails to maintain wall integrity and easily change their displays. Using adhesive strips or hooks can offer a wonderful way to do this.

Create and Hang Your Night Sky Star Map Print

With an understanding of various hanging pictures ideas and photo wall ideas with frames and without frames, you're well-equipped to display your star map print in the best way possible. Such prints are not just art pieces; they're windows into our universe, personal moments, and milestones captured against the vastness of the cosmos. 

Whether it's a tender moment, a significant achievement, or just a night that holds a special place in your heart, having it immortalized into an accurate star map print brings the universe a little closer to home. 

And remember, how you choose to hang and display this celestial keepsake can amplify its beauty and significance. So, whether you're reminiscing about a starlit night from years ago or celebrating a recent moment, create your Night Sky Star Map Print and let the stars illuminate your memories.