How can I edit after I have placed my order?

We want to make sure you have the opportunity to double check the map details you entered. After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with details of what you ordered. You have 24 hours in which to edit yourself before your order goes to print and quality control, but only  4 hours to edit for express orders. Orders are submitted automatically to the print queue when the timeframe has elapsed.

If you find that you need to change any details on your Star Map within the alotted timeframes, you can click on the link in the email which will take you to the edit page of your map, and from there you can make any change you need. 

If the allotted time has elapsed since you placed your order, or if you have already submitted the order yourself, then you need to contact us immediately at with your order number, and details of what you need us to edit for you. We will do our best to try to get the edit done for you if there's still time, but bear in mind that it may be too late as prints are in a queue at our print labs. It's an automated system, and orders cannot be pulled from the print queue.

If you need emoji's, a foreign language, or if you need the text on your Title to be longer than 200 characters, then we can manually edit the print for you. In this case hold the order with the hold button in your order confirmation email, send us an email to with your order number and edit request as soon as you have placed your order and we will do our best to fulfill it for you. Again you need to send the email within the allotted time of 24 hours for free or standard shipping and 4 hours for express shipping.

Any other special formatting request needs to be  emailed to us as above, immediately after placing your order. 

Hope this helps!