Special Edit Requests, Sentence style, Longer Title, Emojis And Foreign Languages

How to make some custom changes to my Night Sky

This shouldn't be a problem. We don't do font changes. We have a line limit for the title/quote on the create page to make sure there are no major errors when designing the map on mobile or desktop. The text/quote line limit is 8 lines for a portrait or 4 lines for landscape.

If for example you need the text to be sentence style or in italics, or a longer title/quote, add emoji's, or a different writing system/alphabet, or if you prefer the text to be bigger or smaller, then we can manually edit the print for you. In this case as soon as you have placed your order, you will see a hold button in the order confirmation email. Click 'hold' immediately after you receive your order confirmation email, and add a note with the edit request and we will do our best to fulfil it for you.

Special edit requests can take our design team up to 24 hours to complete. You need to send the email preferably immediately after placing the order but definitely within 24 hours from ordering if using standard or free shipping, and within 4 hours if using express shipping, so that there is still time to make the changes you want. We will send you a preview if you request that, so that you have a chance to approve the changes before we return to the print queue.

Hope this helps!