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Jewelry Inscription Inspirations

We're limited in size as to what you can fit on the back of a piece of jewelry but there are no limits to how you can communicate how you feel. Here are some inspirations:


  • We were written in the stars

  • The Beginning of Happily Ever After

  • The night our stars aligned.

  • We shine together, like the moon and stars.

  • To the brightest star in my sky

  • I loved you before I knew you.

  • Under this sky, I knew I loved you

  • When Our Adventure Began


  • I loved you before I knew you.

  • A star is born

  • Under This Sky, A Star was Born

  • I love you to the moon and back

  • Reach for the stars

  • Live Laugh Love

  • Dream. Plan. Do.


  • First, My Mom / Dad, Forever my Friend.

  • Under This Sky, You Became A Mother / Dad

  • We are born of love;  love is our mother.

  • We met under these stars

  • Our Guiding Star

  • All love begins and ends with you